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Everyone Needs Coaching!

Open Office Hours is one of Monica's most popular offerings!  She starts with Q+A and then she always covers one coaching item for you to focus on for the week. Anything from mindset to sales strategies to best practices.


FREE Posting Ideas for Realtors


Ideas for everyday posting!

Click on the link below to be taken to this week's posting ideas!  It is CRITICAL that you are reminding your social media friends what you do for a living and how you help people.  Come from contribution through these posts.



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FREE Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors

As an agent who has a thriving real estate business that is rooted in referrals... I can promise you this --- if you are not posting about real estate every single day --- you are leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table! Join GhostPostr today and you'll receive 5 FREE posting ideas to your email Monday - Friday AND you'll have access to a library with over 600 posting ideas for every occasion!

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Your referrals are a critical part of my business! Thank you so much!

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How do we feel about this...

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I know! I know! It's really bad... sorry!

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If you had to pick one...

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A classic real estate term! 🤣

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Would love your opinion on this...

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How do we feel about the bamboo sink?

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More than just your agent! 😁

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The Power of a Phone Call

Have you ever had a phone call that completely changed your day, your business, or your life? Click below to hear Monica's story about one of those calls for her...


Would you like a document you can use as a 'Value Item' to send to / drop off to a FSBO?

Use this template and make any necessary changes to it.  [Logo, Contact info, any other you see fit]

Your #1 goal with any FSBO is to become a trusted resource!  This free download should get you started on the right path!

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