I Left My Earbuds at Home

Sep 20, 2021
I left the earbuds at home today...
No personal growth books, no music...
I decided to be present on this nature walk.
I heard the rhythm of my footsteps
I heard the harmony of many birds
I thought about how lucky I am.
I heard squirrels crunching through the leaves.
I heard water hurrying over the rocks.
I thought about how hard life can be.
I heard the far-off call of church bells.
I heard a lawnmower humming in the distance.
I thought about my friends, my family, my fur kids, and the love that I receive from those 3 sources.
In the end, as I walked up my driveway - heading back inside - I realized that there most certainly was music and personal growth on that walk in nature.
May be an image of dog, nature and tree

The amazing power of lowering your expectations!

Jan 02, 2020

That thing that has been bugging you lately…

That thing that one person does all the time that drives you bat-shit crazy...

That thing you are constantly worried about…

Ask yourself this... 

Why Does It Matter??    In 10, 15, 20 Years… will it EVEN matter….

NOOOOOPE!  Sure won’t!!!

 Wouldn’t that be a great superpower???  Only caring about the things that really matter?  WOW – how AMAZING would that be?!?

The guy that cuts you off in your car… no worries!

The lady that swoops in and steals your parking spot… that’s no big deal at all!!

Your spouse forgets, once again, to do that one thing you’ve asked 1,000 times… Oh WELL!

Guess who gets the benefit of that kind of lowered expectations??  YOU!!!  That’s it!! We actually benefit from lowering our expectations and really assessing what matters.

The secret to happiness is lower expectations! 


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