Being Honest With Yourself About Your Goals

blog monica weakley Aug 23, 2022
Are you struggling to reach a goal? This exercise will help you.

Are you being completely honest with yourself about your goals? This is a very important question you must ask yourself if you are trying to achieve something, and that can be real estate-related or not. You can determine your answer by going through what I call the Face the Truth exercise, where you rate yourself on four components. These four pieces are what I believe create success: 

  • Desire – How badly do you want this? 


  • Ability – How capable are you? 


"When you rank well in these categories, I will bet on you every single day."


  • Patience – How quickly do you need it? 


  • Activities – How are you climbing day-to-day? 


Go through and ask yourself all these questions concerning your goal. How do you honestly rank yourself? The goal is to be a nine or 10 in desire, ability, and activities, and have a five in patience. Patience is in the middle because if you’re too impatient, you might rush and make mistakes. However, if you’re too patient, you don’t have any sense of urgency. When you show me those numbers, I will bet on you every single day. 


Run your goal through these criteria and see if something is missing—I guarantee this will help you. If you’d like to talk through this with me, I’d love to hear from you! Find my calendar here to book a spot to talk. Chatting with agents like you is what I love to do.


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