The Real Reason People Give Referrals

Jul 21, 2022

Learn about the secret that will help you secure more referrals. 

Do you know why people give referrals? The answer may shift your brain a little, but it will help you better engage your sphere to get more referrals.

The other day, an agent told me that her best friend’s neighbor is moving, but that  friend didn't even mention the agent to her neighbor. Why is that? Many believe that giving a referral is easy, but it’s a big deal. They have to stop what they're doing, get both people’s contact information, and share it. People are often just too busy to do all that. 

Two things must be happening at the same time for you to be able to secure that referral. First, the person needs to be sure that you know what you are doing and that you will serve their friend at the highest level. Do they know what you do for a living? Are you sharing that on social media enough? Are you demonstrating, educating, and informing? 


“Many believe that...

How You Can Run Your Business by Referral

Jul 11, 2022

 Learn the secret referral formula to help you grow your business.

Have you heard about the secret referral formula? Many agents want to run their business by referrals, but they feel like they wouldn’t have control over their sales if they did. Once I understood the secret referral formula, I could predict my income and be proud of my business. 

What is this formula? First, I want you to think of two interlocked gears. The first gear is about showing up as a human being first and a Realtor second. When you wake up, look at your top 100 to 150 relationships and deepen and strengthen them, even if it involves stuff outside of real estate.

“If you put these two things together, you’ll never have to ask for referrals.”

The second gear is to fly your real estate flag every day. Demonstrate, educate, inform, and entertain people with what you know about real estate. You're flying your real estate flag by sharing all the things you have access to and...

Are You Ready for the Shifting Market?

Jun 27, 2022

The market does not dictate your success—it simply dictates your strategies.


Our real estate market is currently shifting, and if agents aren’t ready to change what they’re doing every day, they’ll fall victim to the shifts. The market does not dictate your success—it simply dictates your strategies. Do you know what to do, and have you been through a market shift in the past? I’ve been through a couple of shifts before, and the good news is that there’s no need to panic. Real estate agents should do these three things to bulletproof their businesses:


1. Go back to basics. Make sure you hold the No. 1 real estate agent position in the minds of your top relationships in your sphere of influence, whether that’s 100 people, 150, or more. Do the everyday activities necessary to step up those relationships. Lead generation is your main job. For example, if you’re working on expired listings and FSBOs mostly,...

I Left My Earbuds at Home

Sep 20, 2021
I left the earbuds at home today...
No personal growth books, no music...
I decided to be present on this nature walk.
I heard the rhythm of my footsteps
I heard the harmony of many birds
I thought about how lucky I am.
I heard squirrels crunching through the leaves.
I heard water hurrying over the rocks.
I thought about how hard life can be.
I heard the far-off call of church bells.
I heard a lawnmower humming in the distance.
I thought about my friends, my family, my fur kids, and the love that I receive from those 3 sources.
In the end, as I walked up my driveway - heading back inside - I realized that there most certainly was music and personal growth on that walk in nature.
May be an image of dog, nature and tree

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