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Have you ever said...


  • "I don't know what to post."

  • "I don't want to annoy people."

  • "I don't want my post to be wrong."

  • "I don't have the confidence I need."

  • "What will others think?"

If so, watch this >>>>>>>>>>>>>


4 Main Components

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Daily E-Mail with FB Post Idea!


Imagine this... every morning   (M-F) you'll receive a fresh new posting idea in your email!

Online Library of FB Post Images


You'll have access to our unbelievable library of amazing FB posting ideas categorized by topic!

Weekly Coaching/Training


Get ready for Tuesday's @ 11:00am EST! High energy coaching and training with Monica Weakley

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Share ideas  and grow your business with this amazing community of agents!

"Your posts are on fire!!!
Thank you for doing what you do, I’d be lost without your incredible creativity!!"

~Courtney B. [South Dakota]

Wanna Know More About a GhostPostr Membership?

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Our members say that receiving a daily email (M-F) is one of THE BEST features of a GhostPostr Membership.  It is a built-in, daily reminder for you to post about real estate!  We all need reminders, right?


Our members absolutely love having a well-organized library of posts to copy and use!  That way, if you know you'd like to post something funny or informative or holiday-specific... you can find it quickly and go!  One bonus worth noting is this: If GhostPostr has authored the image then there will be a link to the Canva template so that you can easily go in and edit it or add your logo!


These calls are a nice blend of Training and Coaching. Monica (GhostPostr Founder and Pro Real Estate Coach) is always up for answering your questions, showing you a tip or trick and sometimes even calling people out on their own you-know-what!  Her energetic style and genuine love for her members will always be a dose of just what you need every Tuesday @ 11:00 am EST.


This is real value! It is a safe place for you to go to ask agents (who are growing their business in the same way you are) any question you like!  The GhostPostr family of agents is helpful, supportive and a lot of fun!  This is also where much of the added-value occurs... a video from Monica or even a timely inspirational quote.

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Referral Blueprint Online Course ($396 Value)

GhostPostr's Super-Secret FB Group (Priceless)

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I've been coaching and training agents for a long time!  One of the most common complaints I hear is this:

"I don't know what to post!"

Because I know how critical it is that you post everyday about real estate, I have decided to solve that problem for you!  

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This 6-module, on-demand course will walk you through each step you'll need to begin attracting business and referrals from your Facebook audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The GhostPostr Manifesto

We are a group of agents who are 'human beings' first and 'Realtors' second.

We believe in connecting authentically with people (we don't believe in 'selling').

We believe that coming from contribution is the best way to bring value!