Welcome to the Referral Blueprint!

A 6-Step Blueprint that will help you turn your relationships into REFERRAL MACHINES! 

Let authenticity, kindness and contribution earn you thousands of dollars each month and bring joy and energy back to you business!


How relieved would you be if you were finally able create a steady flow of REFERRALS from your favorite relationships?



And while you are following my blueprint... you will begin to build your real estate business on a solid foundation that will bring you thousands of dollars every single month! Forever changing your business and your life!


All you need to do is follow my 6 Step Referral Blueprint system and join our ongoing support system and community... we call it the Referral Revolution Membership.  That way you will have help as you build and execute this amazing system!


Here are the 6 Steps to a Referral Revolution

in YOUR real estate business:

Referral Blueprint

The Secret Formula!











The best way to attract the kind of clients and the kind of business you want is by coming from contribution and helping people get what they want!


The Science Behind a Referral-Based Business

Once you understand why people take action and give a referral then, your entire mindset will change!  I'm going to help you understand the principles behind referrals as well as the universal law that makes this so easy! 

In Module 1 you will learn:

> Learn why a referral based business the smartest decision you can make for your business.

> Understand what makes someone willing to send you a referral... the 'why' behind the action. 

> Learn how to ensure you are showing up like a Present-Tense agent vs a Past-Tense agent... and why this is SO critical.

> Uncover the power behind the Law of Reciprocity... and learn how to put it to work in your life and business!

Without a deep understanding behind the science of referrals, who will continue to wonder why you relationships are not advocating for you as much as you would hope they would.




The Secret Referral Formula

I'm going to let you in on a huge secret!  Once you understand the simple formula behind and endless stream of referrals... you'll be hooked!  

HINT:  It's not complicated like the picture on the left! 

In Module 2 you will learn:

> Uncover the two main components in the secret referral formula.

> Learn how authenticity, kindness and contribution all play a key role in your referral-business success. 

> You'll begin to master the art of flying your real estate flag - subtly reminding your fans that you are an active, knowledgeable and capable Realtor.

> You'll discover the 6 Non-Negotiable items that are at the core of every great referral-based real estate business.

Once you begin to use the secret formula in your everyday life... you'll see the power of it for your business!  Most agents don't understand the entire formula... but once you join the Referral Revolution... you sure will!




The Human Connection Blueprint

This module gets me so fired-up!  I can't wait to show you how easy and fun it is to connect with your database in an authentic and strategic way!

I'm going to show you, step by step, what it looks like to organize your relationships and show up like a human being on a consistent basis!

You are going to get to make 'being a great person' part of your strategic business plan! How cool is that?!?  

In Module 3 you will learn:

> Learn how to identify your most important relationships and categorize them in a way that will make your life incredibly easy.  In other words, organize your database once and for all!

> Learn exactly what to do every single day in the way of activities that will allow you to connect with your most important people and attract referrals predictably.

> Uncover the ease of using Facebook as your Client Relationship Management (CRM) and the little known power of a Wall CRM.

> Tips and Tricks for working easily through your daily activities

Once you begin to use the secret formula in your everyday life... you'll see the power of it for your business!  Most agents don't understand the entire formula... but once you join the Referral Revolution... you sure will!




The Art of Flying Your Real Estate Flag

If there is one thing that you are not likely doing right now... it is this...   constantly (yet creatively) reminding people that you are a great real estate agent!

You are not being seen enough, you are not being thought of enough, and you are not helping enough people with your gift!

Referral Revolution is the answer!

In Module 4 you will learn:

> Learn the 3 categories for powerful Facebook posts that will endear your database to you!

> Uncover the facts about how many people are actually seeing your Facebook posts.  The hard truth is that you are not even CLOSE to being annoying!

> Receive my Facebook Posting Ideas spreadsheet featuring 50+ creative ideas!

> The 6 ways to stay top-of-mind on Facebook

> Breakthrough any fears or hesitation you may have about doing videos!  This single thing can open up an entire new level of income for you!

This is the single biggest opportunity you have for growth!  I totally get the fact that this can be uncomfortable for many of you!  Will you do me this favor... open your heart up to a new way to think about posting about real estate. I can show you a way that this will work for you!



Appreciation Marketing Techniques

This is where we get into the fun stuff!  This is where we can turn someone's day around... This is where we can show people that we KNOW who they are and what is important to them... This is where we learn how to stand out and show up as a human being first and a Realtor second.

Imagine waking up everyday and knowing that your job, today, is to make people feel great!

In Module 5 you will learn:

> 10 everyday Appreciation Gestures

> 6 detective techniques to uncover their likes and passions.

> The art and power of QUESTIONS.

> 11 perfect appreciation opportunities

> The super power of THOUGHTFUL GIFTING

Once you begin to use the secret formula in your everyday life... you'll see the power of it for your business!  Most agents don't understand the entire formula... but once you join the Referral Revolution... you sure will! 



How to Sell Without Selling

You don't have to know everything to be a top-producing agent!  You have to be a problem solver... that's it.  I want to help you see the process and approach for consulting instead of selling and asking instead of telling!

In Module 6 you will learn:

> Learn the questions that you can ask any buyer or seller so that you know exactly how to help them

> How to identify a client's pain point or problem + then how to solve it!

> Gain the confidence in yourself and your ability so that you can  LEAD a client through YOUR process!

Once your default becomes asking questions... EVERYTHING in your world changes!


I've discovered the secret strategy

that most agents have not...


Let me pave the way and share the STEP-BY-STEP strategy that will allow you to build a real estate business with heart... one that you truly enjoy building!  While at the same time - a business that is predictable and profitable.

Does that sound good?

The Referral Revolution Membership will offer you:
  • A mindset shift that will allow you to know EXACTLY why a referral happens.
  • A SECRET REFERRAL FORMULA that will give you clarity on what you need to be doing everyday and how to do it!
  • A FRAMEWORK for you to organize your database.
  • A DAILY ACTIVITY email that will help you be extremely intentional with your relationships... consistently showing up like a thoughtful human being!
  • A roadmap to follow ensuring that you stay TOP-OF-MIND with those people who are most important to you and your business.
  • APPRECIATION MARKETING techniques that will make you a hero in the eyes of your past clients and VIPs!
  • A SELLING STRATEGY that will ensure that you are showing up like a professional consultant vs an over-eager seller.

Meet Monica Weakley!


I am so happy to have a chance to connect with you!
I want you to know I practice what I preach...
I have been selling real estate for 16+ years and
I'm going to teach you everything I've learned and seen
over those years! 
My focus is to help you build a referral business that is FUN to work in
and that brings you a consistent and predictable
income for as long as you care to sell!
How does that sound :)
No more chasing cold leads, no more worrying about
how to control the amount of money you are bringing in each month
and no more wondering what to do to generate leads!
  I've got your back! Let's do this!
Shine on!

Zig Ziglar would be very proud of our Referral Revolution!

Imagine that you stopped selling real estate for 6 months straight. Would you be able to generate income after shutting down for that long? I did!

In early 2017 I stopped marketing myself as a Realtor...

I then went on to make $140,000 in commissions later that year and into 2018...

It was my SIDE-HUSTLE.

My schedule was full of coaching clients - I was not talking about real estate with my database.

I made that money in a few hours each week and I NEVER had to ask for business from my friends/family.

The referrals just kept on coming in... no cold calls, no door knocking, just warm referrals from my most trusted relationships.


This is what happens when you build a rock solid foundation of great RELATIONSHIP-BASED business.


Referral Revolution will show you exactly how to do this too!

I want you to be HAPPY and SATISFIED!

I am 100% sure that the techniques you will learn will work for you!  Here's the secret... you have to do the work!  That's fair, right?

That being said, if you join the Referral Revolution and it is not what you had hoped it to be... I'll refund your money!  Just be sure to let me know within 30 days of your first month's purchase.

This is a risk-free investment for you!  Join the REVOLUTION! Let's do this!

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